Interview Gaudesaboos twins: «We love the FIC!»

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The most famous twins at the moment are not the Olsen twins, and even not the Twin Towers! The Gaudesaboos twins are coming from Belgium and, even if they’re living in the North part of the country (where Netherlander is spoken), they are speaking French very well. They are even getting better in French since they have been participating to the French Inline Cup – for three seasons now! Actually, it’s a success story with the FIC for both of them: Jessica won many stages since September 2006 (first win in Rouen); Sabrina just won her first one in Nîmes, South of France, in April. Interview with the Gaudesaboos twins!



Hello together. A few words about this season's start after four stages in the French Inline Cup: do you think it's a good start?

Actually, the season did not start very well because of the marathon in Lille… But it was much better after (Jessica finished second in Nîmes and Plouézec, Sabrina captured the victory in Nîmes and the bronze in Plouézec). We are not focused on the overall ranking, because we can’t race enough for that. We just try to do some good races: winning races iss all right of course! But it’s not really our goal. Our goals this season are still the same: to race beautiful races, to have fun, to do our best each time we are racing. But the most important thing for us, is to have fun skating. And actually, we do it with the FIC!


                                                        Double victory in Nîmes, FIC stage 2


Why do you give that much importance to France for skating?

We’re skating in France for the FIC, because we love the FIC’s races. Even if this year, there’s not as much skaters in the women’s division as on the last ones, the races are funny. We made our first step in the FIC two years ago, in 2006, and we try to continue. Every body is very nice here, the races are beautiful and the circuits not always easy; that makes us stronger. In Belgium, there are not a lot of races. That’s why we try to find some races outside. With the team, we’re also racing in the Netherlands: we try to race over there the more we can. But our sponsor knows we’re racing in France if there’s a marathon, and it’s not a problem at all. Even if most of the races are far away from our house, we love the FIC and the atmosphere here, and that’s why we’re coming!



How do you imagine your future?

Our future is with Cado Motus. It’s a super team! We are very lucky to race with this team and we hope we’ll be able to race with it the coming years. We’ve got a lot of possibilities with Cado Motus: the brand wons two teams, one which is national and the other which is international. We’re skating for the national one at the moment, but we’d like to integrate the international team in the future, in order to race some WIC. But at the moment, it’s enough for the two of us to race in the national team. It’s a good team and we’re going well with the staff and the other team members. And this year, our studies are getting harder: it’s not always easy to skate and to study, but we don’t want to stop to skate anyway! Then, we’re doing both at the same time, and it takes all of our time. And it will be so for the two coming years! It’s not always easy, but life is sometimes difficult!



Thanks a lot to the both of your and good luck for the future then!


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